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Dorothy Wellington, Founder & CEO

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How does the business support African American women?

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What is the Just God Academy?

The Just God Academy is the teaching mission of Dorothy Wellington Ministries. At the Just God Academy, I teach women and others to love God and how to live with His power! All lessons are focused on God-inspired life skills. My inspirational classes relieve others of stress, depression, anxiety, grief, and loss, as well as sleepless nights. Research has shown that 90-95% of all illnesses have stress as a root cause. Prolonged stress will make people sick and creates multiple doctor visits, which can lead to some sickness or disease label. I help women to understand themselves better, to be free of stress and worry, as well as help their minds and bodies become more healthy.

 Who were the most influential people in your life?

 The most influential woman in my life was my mother, Lizzie Bell McCullough Craig.  I am who I am today because of her teaching and guidance. She influenced me so that I can empower the lives of other women to be strong leaders with a purpose. My mom never treated me like “a girl.” She always pointed me toward my dreams, talents, and skills. Her quote that stays with me to this day is, “Be everything you can be.” Because of her, I never accepted No! It was always, why not?

Next to my mom was always God. He kept loving and nurturing her children (my siblings and me) even as my mother’s health was failing. 

How does your business help women? 

When women are healthy and spiritually empowered, they can change the world! I may reach 50 women a year, but through them, I affect thousands! For example, I had a homeless outreach ministry for nine years in central Phoenix. One lady had been a volunteer for my organization. She found her passion, which was to create an organization where thousands of homeless people could be fed but with healthy meals. She later moved out of state and now has a million-dollar organization feeding the homeless through a plan she developed!

What would you like women to know?

Women are never to give up their dreams, visions, hopes, and desires. You may have to stop for a season, learn new skills, or increase your knowledge base, but never give up. Your time is coming!

Dorothy Wellington, Founder & CEO

Just God Ministries

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