PoWR Success Stories

The article 30-Day Challenge to Change Your Thinking was so powerful and motivating! I currently need something to help me with bouts of depression because I lost my husband a year ago. This article has helped me to get past my sadness. I now look in the mirror and speak to myself about the things I want to do and the things I want to create during my lifetime. It has worked for me! Thank you for giving me the tool I need to get from under my slump. 

 Mary ~ Detroit 


 I read your article about the pros of nonprofit consulting and was impressed.  I had breast cancer and didn’t know it, and now I don’t.  I want to spread the news to women everywhere how to get rid of this evil demon that silently grows in our bodies uninvited.  This task will be easier now that you’ve given me a format to start structuring my new business.  Keep up the excellent work! 

 Dianne ~ Las Vegas