Meet Our PoWR Team 


Jennifer I. Baker, Co-Founder & Publisher 

“I introduce PoWR to the world through various marketing efforts; make sure all of the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed, so our content projects are unique but relatable to our members; as well as handle all of the administrative duties, so PoWR runs like a well-oiled machine.” 

Favorite Color: Lavender 

Favorite hobby or activity: Watching cheesy disaster films 



Pamela N. Frazier, Co-Founder & Publisher 

“I use my Lieutenant Uhura (Star Trek-like) abilities to communicate our message to the world and oversee IT on the Powerful Women Reign site and then get people to buy it.” 

Favorite Color: Red 

Favorite hobby or activity: Finding creative ways to avoid traffic during rush hour 


 Mary E. Baker, Executive Assistant 

“I am an assistant to two beautiful women that happened to be my daughters, literally and figuratively.  I try daily to keep them both in line and on task so that PoWR will continue to be successful!” 

Favorite Color: Teal with a touch of beige or brown 

Favorite hobby or activity: Singing jazz and blues is my passion!  I also love to sew and crochet. Anything that keeps me being creative is always welcoming. 


 Noah L. R. Baker, Creative Specialist 

“I help ensure PoWR stays powered by providing all graphics and creative content. From art to social media all the way to audio and visual projects, I keep the creative gears running so PoWR never runs out!” 

Favorite Color: Red & Black together 

Favorite hobby or activity: Reading, creative writing, playing video games, watching anime, as well as writing and recording my music.